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lapd officer. >>> and we are live in pebble beach this morning, we will take you there next. >>> how cold will those temperatures get, i have that coming up in two minutes. . >>> good morning, we are following breaking news a manhunt is underway for a former lapd police officers shooting three police officers. >>> a roof collapses while firefighters try to battle an early morning fire and we will tell you if there are any early morning victims. . >>> good morning we are live down here for the pebble beach pro golf tournament, we will tell you more coming up. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning welcome to february 7th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. steve is here to tell us if it's going to get cold. >>> we have gone about five weeks without hardly any rain and there is some but a little snow mix, look for a mostly cloudy day, off and on sun, highs only in the 50s today, here is sal. >>> good morning, we are looking at highway 4, there are no major problems there although it is getting noticeably crowded. let's move along and look
of shooting three police officers this morning. the suspect is a former lapd officer. we just got news from this homicide. lapd officer is suspected of fatally shooting a woman and her fiance. he a blaming her for losing his job and he wrote a manifesto and claims to bring warfare in those in lapd uniforms. three officers were shot during this manhunt and one of them reportedly has died. we will bring you the latest information as we it in. >>> reporting overnight news, san jose firefighters are investigating an overnight house fire. now a traffic camera happened just moments after it started. in the rose garden neighborhood we will explain... >> reporter: you can see they already boarded up the windows in the last half hour and you can see the extensive damage inside, it was completely black and the roof caved in, there were even holes in the floor. this is a video taken from somebody on the scene and it broke out at 1:30 at a house on ryan mckenzie treat. -- on mac street. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to get it under control. the firefighters woke up neighbors who then we
his hatred of the lapd after he was fired. in that he said very graphic language, such thing as he would do warfare to those in the lapd uniform. some of the officers that are mentioned in the letter are under guarded police protection this morning. we will have more information on this very fluid situation coming up as the newscast continues. for now brian flores. >> overnight news fr jose, investigators are busy searching for the cause of an early morning house fire. a traffic camera took these pictures moments after the fire started. we are live from san jose's rose garden neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: the fire did a lot of damage, a number on this house that you see behind me. you can see where that black is, where smoke damaged the outside of the house. windows are all boarded up. inside when the boards weren't up you can see it was just gutted inside. the roof actually caved in. i want to show you how close it came to the other homes. these houses were threatened. two houses down firefighters were spraying the roof of another neighbor's home. now this is cell p
with lapd and his supervisor a female officer said listen, i'm going to write you up, pull you from the field because you are not performing properly. you have poor judgment. it was about two weeks later that the with of them were called out to a scene and he claimed the female officer kicked a guy while he was handcuffed. internal fairs watched this investigation and found out that was untrue. that it was a lie. it was retribution for what he was saying and ever since he's held lapd responsible for ruining his reputation and now of course he's said that the killing will continue until the department apologizes which they say will not. dave back to you. >> live from los angeles. thank you. >>> time now is 6:42. it has been a favorite for almost 30 years. the big change we are learning about this morning to an iconic san francisco diner. >>> we are live in san pablo we just received new survey lens camera. we'll tell you who police are looking for and what the robbers got away with. >>> come on the bay bridge and the way in an injury accident emergency vehicles keep arriving and this
continues at this hour. the search for the fired police officer who has threatened to bring warfare to lapd. >>> some rain here but a whopper of a system on the east coast. >>> the north east is getting ready for what looks like a historic snowstorm. it's all ahead. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, february 8th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is here. i stepped out the door the roads were wet. >> it's hit and miss. >> a little mist is all i saw. >> it didn't mist at my house. it definitely came in. i think a lot of you are still having some shower activity. a lot of this is heading out of the area. we are not done yet. it will be a partly cloudy, scattered shower day with highs in the 50s. >>> 24 just on the other side of the tunnel we had a solo spinout. chp is there. someone was perhaps driving too fast. also the morning commute is looking good on 680 southbound. let's go tobacco to dave and -- let's go back to dave and pac. >>> streets are blocked off downtown as police investigate the death of a
angeles and two of the major stations are on lock down. all lapd motor units taken off the streets. >> domer is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the search for domer has extended to nevada where he owns a home near las vegas. police say they hope he turns himself in. >>> meanwhile los angeles police now admit they mistook a 71-year-old woman delivering newspapers for dorner. detectives shot her twice in the back yesterday. her daughter was also cut by broken glass. the woman was in a pickup truck similar to dorners. but the pickup truck is neither the same color or model. we are learning more about the 18 page manifesto he posted online. he addressed it to america. coming up the random thoughts of an accused killer. the reason for his rampage. >>> we have a major new development in the case of that man who escaped from police custody in san jose. a source just told us that the escapee 32-year-old anthony sanchez was arrested last night. he slipped away on wednesday when an officer was arresting him for parole? violation. an arrest made over night. we wil
of a retired lapd captain and her fiance and then went on a shooting spree in the l.a. area that killed one police officer and injured two others. law enforcement spent all night searching but have been unable to find him. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the newsroom with a new search location that just sprang up. >> reporter: we did receive an update this morning about the effort to find him. law enforcement is still scouring the big bear area by foot but aerial search has been called off due to bad weather. first we want to take you to los angeles. these are shots there where a civilian worker spotted a man fitting his description. the jail has been placed on containment, deputies in riot gear patrolling the outside of the facility and we will keep you posted on this latest development. meanwhile the san bernardino county sheriff has reassured the community safety is a top priority and they are focused on catching him. they are dressed warmly today. the vehicles have chains on them to get through the roads. a winter storm today is expected to drop up to 9 inches of snow. 50 mile a
for tracks in the snow. more than a hub hundred officers are searching for the 33-year-old former lapd officer who is considered armed and dangerous. the police chief said that schools and businesses closed during lockdown would reopen this morning but according to the school district website that is not the case, schools are still shut down and we have contacted ski area resort who are in stand by mode. >> this is a dynamic situation. we are working closely with the authorities and we will update the status of the operation as they release more information. >> reporter: now dornr's burned out truck was found on a forest road. they will look for tracks similar to the ones that led away from the vehicle and they will use dog units to try it track the man. >> the search continues for dorner. they still have aerial searches, ground searches and door to door searches going on. >> the entire state of california is under a tactical alert and the search has extended to arizona, mexico and nevada where he owns a home. a naval base was in lockdown when someone saw someone who looked like dor
on that tense man hunt for the former l.a.p.d. officer. and we're always here for you on ktvu.com.
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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